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    Smart City Drive Smart Traffic overall solution is perfect

    Time:2018-01-08 Views:427
    With the vigorous promotion of smart city construction, smart traffic, smart medical care, smart security, smart energy, etc. are all vigorously concerned. Urban construction, traffic first, and intelligent transportation have become important driving forces for economic development. They have also become more integrated into all fields of social life. They have changed people‘s lives and working methods and played an important role in the smart urban construction. The following is the Shenzhen City Planning and Design Center for Urban Transportation Research Institute (Intelligent Institute) Shaoyuan "wisdom for the future of the city transport solutions | to create" 4C city "" article.
    Since its establishment 20 years ago, Shenzhen Traffic Center has been devoting itself to R & D and application of traffic model and traffic big data to carry out planning and design of urban traffic and intelligent traffic. In recent years, we have transformed from a traditional planning and design institute to a full-fledged provider of urban transportation solutions. What we report today is a preliminary reflection on the overall scheme of smart traffic for the future city. Divided into two parts, first of all, the future wisdom of the city, the vision of smart traffic, the second is a preliminary reflection.
    From the entire process of development of smart traffic point of view, can be divided into three stages of development. 1.0 stage We focus on the development of a single product and function of the application design. 2.0 phase focus on the interconnection of big data, breaking the data barrier. We are entering the new smart city 3.0 phase, which is a new smart city development stage, based on the all-things-based service-oriented new smart city, emphasizing public participation, government-enterprise cooperation.
    McKinsey‘s research provides a very comprehensive overview of future traffic trends in seven areas, including shared mobility, automotive electrification, autopilot, new public transport, renewable energy, new infrastructure and the Internet of Things, covering the core of the future On the one hand, in the future, intelligent transportation is based on the data-driven interconnection of all things and meanwhile various new transportation modes are used as carriers to organize new modes of transportation. The new transportation services are reflected in shared mobility.
    The United States mentioned in the "Emerging Technology Trends Report 2016-2045" that the Internet of Things, data mining, and technology including blockchain may fundamentally change the travel mode of our entire city traffic in the next 10-20 years. Therefore, the entire city The transportation industry is also constantly changing.
    Focus on the construction of smart cities in Europe and the United States, the core of development is the construction of the four major systems, including the wisdom of the perception system, smart decision-making, smart operations, smart services in four areas. In the future, city transport must have four key features in all
    The first feature is that the future-oriented urban transportation is a complex giant system. Under this system, it is necessary to build a system of all-inclusive, interconnected, diversified and multi-dimensional systems.
    The second is that urban management has shifted from passive management in the past to smart governance. Since 2000, Shenzhen has emphasized the smart growth of urban transport and the concept of smart governance. The premise of smart governance requires the support of big data, and precise data control based on big data Strategy and service measures.
    For example, the specific road through big data to understand what kind of vehicles use our roads, different time and space for what factors sensitive to the precise introduction of policies to achieve road network construction purposes.
    The third aspect is characterized by the mobility concept presented by the EU, which has several core features.
    The first is that we are concerned about the objective of moving from focusing on improving the capacity of transportation facilities and moving at a faster pace to focusing on people-oriented accessibility, including changes in urban life, health and environment, and support for economic via transport.
    Second, cities in the future will place more emphasis on "urban governance" rather than "urban management," emphasizing the transformation of government services, service coordination and the creation of social values. Urban development highlights smart management and smart growth.
    Third, the way of thinking is changed. The traditional thinking focuses on the independent system construction. The new thinking focuses more on the coordinated development between systems. The focus is on the coordination of interests, especially the public participation. Based on the big data itself can be achieved from the planning to the preparation of the entire process of precision calibration and closed-loop management, the formation of a more effective governance model.
    The fourth is to serve as the core, reflected in the travel experience of the people, focusing on people‘s feelings as the core of the multi-objective construction, especially for the personal experience of the whole process of seamless travel services.
    Based on the above four trends, cities in the future will surely become perceptible, operational, manageable and serviceable cities. These four cities embody urban development as the "4C city", namely Perception City, Deduction City, Managing City and Serving City online.
    First, holographic perception of the city. It is necessary to build a multi-level perception system based on big data of spatial units, including intelligent intersections and smart road sections so as to realize multi-level, full-time and accurate lane awareness. In the past, The weather and the entire traffic environment perception system. Shenzhen uses the wisdom lamppost, wisdom intersection, wisdom pavement and other elements to jointly build a set of new generation of wisdom road perception system. Wisdom Pole has many functions, including high-definition video, traffic detection and information release, can realize intelligent monitoring, traffic flow detection, road danger identification, information exchange, multi-target radar tracking and other functions. This is one of the core carriers of traffic holographic awareness system in the future.
    The second is to deduce the city online. Based on big data technology to achieve traffic traceability technology, a profound understanding of the various types of traffic generation and evolution mechanism. For example, this is through cell phone signaling data analysis of the composition of different area staff. The map can be shared by cycling dynamic data detection to understand the use of their last mile, including the 24-hour monitoring of the flow of people scattered around the area.
    Big data and deep learning techniques have a large number of applications in the entire traffic texture analysis, traffic practice discovery, public opinion analysis, police inspections and so on. In addition, the establishment of online deduction system, through the data regression of the entire closed-loop activities. Shenzhen core area online simulation system to do a trial, in the driveway above the layout of a large number of sensing systems, including high-definition video, through the layout we can accurately find each vehicle in the background traffic inside the brain can be realistic to restore the entire real-time traffic flow , Make the deduction of traffic plan, including the organization plan of traffic, make a systematic support for the optimization of the whole traffic flow.
    This is the actual case. The traffic police made use of the online simulation system in the accident of a tunnel in Shenzhen. Through the real-time online deduction of this system, it can ease the traffic in the upper reaches and effectively solve the problem within 10 minutes. In the absence of the system in the past, congestion may last more than half an hour. This is the case discussed at the on-the-spot meeting of the Chinese public security traffic police this year in Shenzhen.
    Third, smart control of the city. It is to construct a closed-loop management and control activities of "planning-design-construction-management-data" collaborative operation, and make a brief introduction from the three aspects of regional level, city level and campus level.
    At the core of the regional level is the establishment of a regional-level management and control strategy and system for active demand control. In Arizona, the United States provided programs to different groups of people, different travel times and different travel expenses. By trying to effectively change the behavior and plans of 20% of the travelers, the United States achieved a balance of time and space on the road network.
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